Water Damage Photo Gallery

Living Room Water Damage

Long day at work? This homeowner came home from work to find her living room full of water, SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin was on site within an hour to mitigate and get this homeowner’s life back to normal in no time!

Drying Hardwood Floors In Place

This homeowner was very proud of the beautiful hardwood floors she had just installed when she came home from work to find a supply line had burst and flooded her kitchen; SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin was able to dry the floors in place and save her new floors!

Shower rebuild

This customer suffered a water damage. They thought a separate company would have to come in to rebuild. However our reconstruction department restored this bathroom during the same visit much to their surprise.

Brand new shower tile

Here is the gorgeous work of our reconstruction department. We retiled this shower after mitigating a water damage. The homeowner always hoped for a beautiful new tiled shower and never thought something this nice would come out of such a devastating water loss.

Washing Machine Leaks are Unfortunately Too Common

This photo shows a perfect example of a washing machine leak. Our client recently had a new washing machine installed and the hook up failed. Their entire laundry room was affected from just a small drip.

Pipe Burst in Vacant Home

Our client was selling their home, in escrow in fact, and upon a recent visit noticed a pipe had burst and flooded the entire first floor. Worried about the upcoming sale, they were very pleased at our fast response and even quicker mitigation.