Recent Before & After Photos

Hard to Clean Commercial Properties

When your rental home or apartment is recently vacated you expect and hope that your previous renter left it in a condition that will allow you to re-rent it as... READ MORE

Home Fire in Roseville, CA

When a fire rips through your home the immediate damage is easy to see. However the long term effect is the hardest to take care of. Here at SERVPRO of Auburn/R... READ MORE

Wind Damage During A Storm

The before photo shows exactly what can happen when heavy wind blows hard objects into glass. Our client was in the middle of moving when a huge wind storm hit.... READ MORE

Damage at an Office

When your business is affected by any damage it is hard to think past the situation at hand. SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin is here to help! The before photo shows a... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Closet

When you have a water loss it is best to act quickly and have professionals mitigate the loss. The before photo shows the closet of a client who had a small wat... READ MORE

Water Damage in Finished Basement

The before photo shows the great room of our client who came home after a long weekend out of town to find that their water heater broke and leaked water all ov... READ MORE

Clean Up After A Death

When being called to a crime scene clean up or to clean after a death we never know what situation we are going to find. The before photo shows what we found wh... READ MORE

Fire In A Local Church

A local church called us after they suffered fire damage. The heater for their baptism tub was accidently left on, and with no water in the tub the heater over ... READ MORE

Storm Knocked A Tree Into A House

The before photo shows just how devastating a storm can be on your home. Our client found out first hand when a storm caused a tree to come crashing down on his... READ MORE

Gum Dried Into Carpet

The before photo shows dried chewing gum stuck in some carpet fibers. A homeowner was getting ready to sell and noticed this gum on her brand new carpet. She di... READ MORE