Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Finished Basement

The before photo shows the great room of our client who came home after a long weekend out of town to find that their water heater broke and leaked water all ov... READ MORE

Leaking Water Supply Line To Fridge

The before photo shows the affected area when our homeowner realized their water supply line had been leaking to their fridge. They don't know how long it had b... READ MORE

Water Damage Mitigation

The before photo shows water damage to an office building. As you can see in the photo some ceiling tiles have fallen due to water from the floor above. All cub... READ MORE

Water Damage In The Bathroom

This customer suffered some water damage in their bathroom, which extended throughout the entire bathroom. The before photo shows their shower area once we had ... READ MORE

Water Damage from Leaking Washing Machine

When your washing machine leaks, as a homeowner, it’s hard to imagine the full extent of the damage. The before photo shows some swollen baseboards in the... READ MORE

Slab Leak Caused Water Damage

On older homes unseen issues can sometimes cause large problems. The before photo shows the den of our clients home. They had a crack in their cement slab that ... READ MORE