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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

6/7/2021 (Permalink)

There are many ways rainstorms can cause excessive damage to your home. It is not only because of the great amount of water pouring down the sky but because of all the different types of damages that come with it.

  • Water: Due to the massive amount of water that pours down during a rainstorm, water could not only leak through your roof, but your house could be in risk of experiences a major flood due to all the sewers and plumbing systems being over flooded.
  • Lightning: Not only water can cause damage, but lightning strikes too. If a lightning strikes your house, it could damage every electronic that was plugged into an outlet, and even cause an electric failure, resulting in a fire.
  • Wind: The rapid and strong winds coming from a rainstorm can easily knock trees out, shatter windows and even cause damage to your roof and ceiling.

Should you experience any of these issues give SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin a call at 916.632.2250.

Storm Emergency Restoration

6/7/2021 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin we know what a difficult time this is for you and your family after a storm destroys your home. That is why we will do everything possible to get your property or business back to normal quickly. Our team has the experience to handle all kinds of storm cleanup, and our commitment to your total satisfaction means you can expect impressive results.

Getting your life back in order after a devastating storm takes time. From property repairs to storm debris cleanup, the process can be frustrating, physically taxing, and time-consuming. But we can help. At SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin we assist property owners with cleanup after damaging storms immediately. We are here to help you in your time of need. 

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin at 916.632.2250 we can always make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Cleanup to a Commercial Building

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a commercial building is a devastating experience.  After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts.  Therefore, immediate action is crucial to minimize business interruption, reduce lost revenue and productivity.

But trying to clean up the aftermath may be the last thing you feel like doing on your own.  When fire, smoke and soot damage are left behind, it can create an unpleasant and permanent problems if not properly addressed.  Especially considering that smoke and soot from even a small fire can permanently damage contents throughout the building and may cause odors that resurface for years. 

SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin understands how disruptive fires can be for business owners, their tenants and even their customers.  So, before you risk doing more damage to your most valuable business assets by attempting to clean it up yourself, you should consider hiring an experienced company like SERVPRO.  Our technicians have the training, tools, equipment, and experience to handle any fire damage incident to a commercial building.  They can respond immediately to begin the work to restore your business back and running. 

SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin we are always here to help and are available 24 hours a day. Call us at 916.632.2250.

We will get the water out!

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Accidents happen, and regardless of the cause, it is how we respond to them that matters. Commercial water damage is no different, and your response can impact the result your business experiences, no matter what type of commerce you are involved in. SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin is experienced in helping business owners and managers bring their businesses back from disaster, no matter how large or small the business. 
Businesses affected by water damage can benefit from professional services in cleaning up, and the first step in getting everything back to normal. Professional services should be used instead of doing things yourself. Safety, thoroughness, and knowing which steps to take and when inherent benefits are that SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin offers. We do what we do so you can get back to your business operations fast. 
Inventory that has been damaged needs to be documented so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. We can assist with this so that the process is smoother for you. However, our goal is to restore as much of your inventory as possible. In addition to reducing the losses you need to claim, it also reduces your wait time in purchasing and receiving replacement goods. This is especially important when seasonal or promotional items are involved. Not having the merchandise your customers want means they can go elsewhere, resulting in lost sales and plummeting profits. 

If your business experiences a water loss; you can count on the professionals at SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin to help.


6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Since your refrigerator is running 24/7, it can start leaking at the most inconvenient time, resulting in water damage throughout your kitchen. It is important to remain mindful of situations that can cause your refrigerator to leak and catch water damage as soon as it forms.

The Damage Begins Unnoticed

When you are around your refrigerator, you are probably not looking for leaks. Refrigerator leaks tend to start small and gradually grow to become a bigger problem. You might experience a leak coming from the ice maker, a leaky hose, or the water hookup. 

Generally, any leaks coming from an ice maker are the result of built-up condensation. This can block the draining system and end up leaking through the inside of your fridge and the seals. In addition, a leaky hose can be the result of having the refrigerator pushed up too close against the wall, bending the hose and causing a break and subsequent leak. When installing, make sure not to push it as far back as possible to avoid damaging the hose. The water hookup can sometimes spring a leak or may drip, which can go unseen for a while and eventually cause problems.

Damage Develops Overtime

Overtime, water leads to breakdown and if undiscovered, could lead to costly repairs. Depending on the type of leak, you can experience rotting floorboards, mold build up, or a flooded basement. A strong indicator of water damage is wood flooring that separates and warps, or tiles that become loose. It is important to repair or replace the floor quickly to prevent mold from growing in the area.

Contact a Professional Restoration Company Immediately

It is important to catch the leak quickly before severe damage occurs. If you suspect a water leak behind your refrigerator or mold growing in your kitchen, call SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin at 916.632.2250. We offer 24/7 emergency response.

Places That Water Damage Can Hide

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Sustaining water damage is an unpredictable and inconvenient life event. An area prone to flooding might be more prepared, but flooding is far from the only thing that cause water damage.

Inconvenience aside, water damage is also costly. The typical insurance claim for water damage amounts to over $6,500, but insurance will often not accept water damage claims at all. Checking the common places water damage can hide is a wise practice for homeowners so they are not surprised later on.

Places That Water Damage Can Hide

  • Under a sink. Because the area under the sink is hidden, it is easy to be unaware that there is a leak until there is a big problem. Check regularly for water buildup and mold.
  • Around a tub. The caulk that seals a bathtub to the wall can become worn over time, allowing water to seep in.
  • Under drywall. Drywall can hide severe water damage within the walls, which is especially common after flooding or a burst pipe.
  • At roof intersections. Chimneys and exhaust fans that intersect with the roof should be checked regularly for leakage around their seals.
  • In an HVAC unit. The air conditioning system’s drain line can become clogged, leading to water buildup within the unit.
  • Behind appliances. Washing machines and dishwashers can have leaks that remain hidden for an extended period of time because they are in hidden areas.
  • At an exterior faucet. Where an exterior faucet is connected to the water pipe is a prime spot for leaks to develop and is often hidden by siding.

If your home has suffered water damage (even in a hidden place like one of these), SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin is happy to help! Give us a call at 916-632.2250.

Water Damage Can Cause Black Mold... We Can Help.

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

There are several reasons that harmful and toxic black mold can spread through your home. One of the most common factors that leads to this mold is improperly treated water damage. There are two separate types of water damage that can cause mold spores to spread inside your home. The first and most common is a slow, unnoticed leak. The second would be a large and sudden loss.

Slow, Unnoticed Leak: This damage is common when there is a leaky pipe that hidden underneath a sink, inside of the walls, near a windowsill, or under the floor. The affected areas are now filled with moisture and become a breeding ground for black mold to grow and spread.

Large, Sudden Loss: When a homeowner has a large leak, or a pipe burst that leaves standing water there are two routes normally taken. A DIYer will typically try to remove all the water themselves and then dry out the affected area with retail fans and opening a few windows. This is not recommended and can lead to more problems. If you are not properly trained to fight water damage it can be difficult if not next to impossible to locate all the moisture without the proper equipment. If any of the damaged area is left untreated it becomes a harbor for black mold. The second and recommended route is to call a water mitigation company that can properly identify all the affected areas and can get to work quickly.

SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin technicians are highly trained to identify and target water damage at the source. The best preventative measure to identify a slow, unnoticed leak would be to monitor your water usage bill. If you see an unexpected and noticeable spike in the amount of water being used it could be the sign of a leak. Calling a plumber to identify any potential problems is best. After a large, sudden loss, it is best to give a water damage restoration business a call so that your problem can be handled by professionals. As the best water damage restoration business out there, SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin is here to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Importance of Creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan for your Business

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Office buildings are places where large numbers of people stay throughout their day at work. If emergencies occur management must ensure an ordered and timely evacuation. In order to do so, as management you should develop an emergency evacuation plan in which you post in key locations inside each floor of your building. Each employee in the building should be aware and familiar with escape routes. By being prepared your employees will not panic and will respond to an emergency as quickly as possible. 

As a business owner, you should observe each room of your building carefully. Find locations for an emergency phone, a fire hose, and an extinguisher.

You should always discuss the plan escape routes and aim to identify at least two routes for each room.

By doing this you & your employees will be prepared and ready for action & to get out safely!

If your business has been affected by a fire, storm or water damage be sure to contact SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin today at 916-632-2250.

Mold in your commercial building

4/23/2021 (Permalink)

Mold is one of those things that you do not give too much thought to in life except for when for some reason, an area of your commercial building starts to smell a little musty or you notice the tell-tale dark patch on your drywall.  The truth about mold is that it is everywhere.  Like dust or pollen, mold spores are just a part of our natural biosphere and they actually do serve a useful purpose.  Mold is nature's great decomposer and is valuable in recycling any organic waste.

Whether you like it or not, your commercial property is currently filled with microscopic mold spores. It doesn't pose any problem until the day that the mold spores are introduced to a little bit of moisture. With just a little introduction to moisture, that mold spore can grow into a colony.  That is when you might start to notice a musty odor or start to see the dark shadows.  First things first, you need to contact a plumber to find the source of the water.  Cleaning the mold without fixing the leak will just lead to more mold. 

And that is the time for you to call SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin. We have the training and expertise to safely handle any mold situation you may come across.

SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin is locally owned and operated.  Call us at 916-632-2250.

Calm Before and During the Storm

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Storms are very unpredictable. In northern California storms are caused by heavy rain and can lead to flooding that could devastate your home or business. Water damage can be undetectable to the naked eye since water can spread quickly and deteriorate walls, floors, or upholstery which could eventually become mold since they thrive in dark moist environments.

During our stormy and wet season, SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin has your back with the remediation of mold or removal of water through our highly trained technicians and our advanced equipment.

If you know someone or are you need our services for restoring damaged buildings, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin at 916-632.2250. "Like it never even happened."