Fire Damage Photo Gallery

House Fire in Rocklin, CA

When you have beautiful shrubs, or your neighbors do, it can bring such beauty and shade. However this photo shows the inside of a home after a fire was accidently started when a cigarette was left unattended on a fence between houses. The fence caught fire, then the shrubs and finally the house. SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin was there to mitigate the fire loss.

Fire In A Garage

Fires can happen in the blink of an eye! This family, and their 4 children, were able to contain the fire to the garage and SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin was there to restore their lives as well as the toys and the garage.

Shed Fire in Grass Valley, CA

This picture shows just how much damage a small fire can cause. This used to me a shed within 20 feet of our client’s home. Luckily the home was only affected by smoke damage.

School Fire

This is a perfect example of how SERVPRO® of Auburn/Rocklin makes fire damage Like it never even happened®. The top half of this piece of furniture has been cleaned, while the bottom half has yet to be cleaned of soot from the fire.

Fire Damage in Roseville, CA

This photo shows just the play room after a fire that affected then entire top floor. Our client, and their small children, thankfully weren’t home. However the damage was very extensive. SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin was able to mitigate the loss.

Fire in a Dryer

Have you ever left clothes drying while you went to work? Our client did and came home to a fire in their dryer. They accidentally left some paper in with the clothes that caught on fire while drying.